LAM Galley

Los Angeles, USA

15 – 30 October 2016


13104962020_15.10.16_13234985977_30.10.16, (2016)
Fax machine, paper & Internet Connection



Concrete Plastic, (2016) images courtesy KollActiv © the artists and KollActiv

Sinéad Bligh: Up the Junction


Clapham Junction, London

8-30 July 2016


‘The realm, 22.01.2016 – 31.07.2016’, (2016), architectural sound installation with woodchip wallpaper, 9:10 mins looped and ‘The Great British Chip’, (2016) film on chippie table and chair unit, 3:30 mins looped.



The Great British Chip, (2016) film on chippie table and chair unit, 3:30 mins looped. View here:


In my country we, (2015) film, 2:30 mins looped.
View here:



Wa’ You Take Me For A Fool Roun’ Here? (2014)



Sinead Bligh. (2014), installation view KKKK, image © the artists and Material Conjectures.

Wa’ You Take Me For A Fool Roun’ Here? (2014), 09:04 mins looped. Sound installation commissioned by Material Conjectures For Kwartz Kapital Konstruction Kollider  with Sinead Bligh, Mikko Canini and Thomas Yeomans at BEACONSFIELD, London,

29 October – 6 December 2014





190A introduction

190A pg 13 lg

190A pg 21

190A pg 24190A pg 27Excerpt from the text Zoom.002.wav.31/03/2013.doc


Zoom.0002.wav.31/03/2013. 3.17min. Soundscape on media player with headphones looped. 

Zoom.0002.wav.31/03/2013.doc. Transcription of walk through 190A on 31/03/2013 with William Bligh, Sinead Bligh and Ciara Scanlan.

WB’s typewriter 1980 – 1995: the tool on which AFS daily reports were written.[1]

[1] The book ‘a search for reconciliation between mental space (the space of the philosophers) and real space (the physical and social spheres in which we live).’ – Henri Lefebvre, The Production of Space.  Maritsa 30 Typewriter containing media player with headphones.


190A Retelling. MART Dublin March 2014.

190A Retelling

‘190 A Retelling’  – Visual Art Exhibition

The MART Gallery, The Old Fire Station, 190a Rathmines Road Lower, Rathmines,Dublin 6.

MART would like to invite you to the opening reception Wednesday 5th March @ 6pm with art, stories, and beverages around the history of a building. MART has invited the local public, former residents of the building and The Dublin Fire Brigade to attend and tell a story or two about “190a”, and visit the new incarnation as a Gallery and meet the new residents, Artists.

‘The house shelters day-dreaming, the house protects the dreamer, the house allows one to dream in peace.”  Gaston Gachelard – The poetics of space.

MART curators Matthew Nevin & Ciara Scanlan have invited 5 artists to make site-specific works around the newly renovated 150 year old fire station in Rathimnes. Through the re-appropriation of old forgotten artefacts and found objects of the building a visual conversation tells the story of the generations of uses and lives that passed through. The building itself has morphed through many forms: a library, a home, storehouse, fire station, The Civil Defence, pigeon layer and finally The MART Gallery and Studios. The exhibition will host interactive and temporal sculptures, sound recordings and photography based on the history of the building itself and the power of place to hold memory and drive the imagination.

Artists: Sinead Bligh, Gerard Erraught, Jessica Kelly, Ciara Scanlan, Emily O’Callaghan, Jim O’Callaghan, Trish McAdam.


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All images © Mart and the artists. Further information and documentation can be found on the MART website