walking the boundary lines waiting for someone to walk with walking the boundary lines

Thursday, 23 August 2012 posted on the Cooper Gallery Blog: 


“I noticed rain and traffic and bells so I looked at the bell tower and then I noticed a building I hadn’t seen before, so what is the point?”

There is power in the methodical ritual of walking, in these instances, walking silently in the presence of those experiencing your work. Here there is the presence of the artist in the sounds filling the user’s head, and the silent presence of the artist walking with the viewer. I wonder who is getting more from this exchange.

Soundwalks continue:
Friday 24th Aug 2012 at 5pm
Saturday 25th Aug 2012 at 4pm

There will also be unscheduled soundwalks available during the day on Saturday .

Sinéad Bligh, 2012.

Work made as a responsive piece to scheduled soundwalks that took place in Dundee Scotland, video documentation by Wahj Jamjoon, August 2012. Original bog posting can be found at bit.ly/NnNT71



Wednesday, 22 August 2012 posted on the Cooper Gallery Blog: 

10 min soundwalk for the DJCAD Masters Show 2012. A walk between the two venues of the exhibition,  Matthew Building to Generator Projects.



image courtesy of Prof Tracy Mackenna.



soundwalk downloadable, please click this link:

Ure St Walk Sinéad Bligh 2012

simply follow the link and click on the arrow above the track Ure St Walk to download to your smart phone and take the walk with you.
there will be scheduled soundwalks on:
Saturday 18th August at 3pm
Monday 20th to Thursday 23rd August at 1pm and 4pm
Friday 24th August at 5pm
Saturday 25th August at 4pm
meet at the plinth behind the reception desk in the Matthew building at the scheduled time. please bring your own mp3 player or smart phone with headphones if possible, there will be a limited number of these provided
there are however plenty of hand drawn maps for you to take with you if you fancy downloading the piece and taking the soundwalk in a different route by your self.
ure st walk (1)
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