Dundee to London via Dublin



Dundee to London via Dublin is a retelling of past work after reading Derek Jarmans text Chroma, A Book of Colour – June 93. With the multiple narratives intersecting of Chroma, and a heightened awareness of colour in mind, this work was made. It ruminates on colour associations, current narratives and the past memories, which create this whole. The work brings together past video and sound work made on various journeys between Dublin and Dundee and current sound work made in London.

Christmas 2013 I was given a multi-coloured crochet blanket made by my mother, the centre of which was a rectangle of bright green knitted wool, which my grandmother was knitting at the time of her death in 2012. This unfinished piece was re-imagined by my mother into a crochet blanket. A colourful homage to my mother and grandmother.

The green wool is a wonderful gaudy granny green, flakes of sliver sparkles through it – in the knit in which Granny Bligh always knit, the tight delicate knit as recognisable to me as her hand writing.

My mother leaves a similar footprint in the wool, the earthy colour palette she uses and the looser thicker stitch of crochet – equally beautiful, and as individual as chirography, contrast dramatically to my Grandmother’s last made thing.

This illusive – sparkly green rectangle with open-ended potential, the beginning of the thought.

My grandmother was an inner-city Dubliner. She was born and bred – and then bred, in the Dorset Area of Dublin, and knitted beautiful baby cardigans in gaudy pink, blue, lemon and green. She would sell these to the women who owned the stalls on Moore Street, who would then sell the cardigans on themselves.

‘Were Adam’s eyes the green of paradise?

Did they open on the vivid green of the Garden of Eden? God’s green mantle. Was green the first colour of perception?’[1]

I made a sound work from recordings taken of Moore Street in 2012, unknowingly just before my grandmother would die. I showed it in conjunction with the video Dublin to Dundee, made from the bus journey back to Scotland after recording that work. A result of a preoccupation with movement through space and its ability to direct thought through associative memory.

The gaudy green rectangle of wool (and it’s blanket of multi colored palette) directed me back here, to this short film and sound work. To view the film again (made at the time my grandmother was knitting that wool) about a place that belonged to her.

The contrasting colour of the blanket and the riotous colour of the film directing thought.

[1] Derek Jarman, Chroma, A Book of Colour – June’ 93. Pg 63. Vintage.2000.  In this seminal work Jarman explores colour through autobiography.



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Shown here are the joined elements of sound, video and image as the film Dundee to London via Dublin. 2014. Stills of the piece will be installed at The Cafe Project, Chelsea College of Art and Design from 07.02.2014.

Showing at Chelsea Space until 15.03.2014 is contemplation on the filmmaker, artist, writer, and activist Derek Jarman. Research around this exhibition led to the making of Dundee to London via Dublin.

Almost Bliss: Notes on Derek Jarman’s Blue curated by Donald Smith


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