Sinead Bligh’s work explores the political nuances of perception. Observing that the individual is caught up with the idea of ownership but rarely examines the proprietary aspects of thought, Bligh’s work explores how our individual views are influenced directly by our social geography and quotidian life, our past, the physical and mental conditions of the spaces we inhabit and the social conditions placed upon us. By investigating the politics of these interactions, she explores how our sense of place is related to the ideas we hold. She deems these interactions to be collaborations of sorts between space and human activity, addressing an interconnectivity inherent between objects and actions, which in turn affect knowledge and perception.

As an Artist and Archivist, Bligh practices through various medium, often employing archival methodologies and theories, through artistic and curatorial collaborations. She has been project, research and editorial assistant on various projects at the Cooper Gallery Dundee, 2011-13 and CHELSEA space, London 2013, being awarded their Chelsea Arts Club Trust Research Fellowship for 2014 – 2015. She is currently Archivist & Researcher for the Barry Flanagan Estate Archive and enrolled in the MLitt in Archive and Records Management at the University of Dundee.

Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include

Concrete Plastic, curated by KollActiv, LAM Gallery LA, in association with Los Angeles Contemporary Archive, (15 – 30 Oct 2016). Drive Thru, Artist Film Screening, Q Park, Cavendish SQ, London, Curated by Roger Clarke and Peter Fillingham, 5 – 9 Oct 2016. The Realm, Artlacuna, London, (8 – 29 July 2016). Staging Concrete Plastic, publication curated by KollActiv, ARMSEYE ISSUE II/WINTER 2016. Greenbelt Festival, Northamptonshire, (28 – 31 August 2015), Kwartz Kapital Konstruction Kollider at BEACONSFIELD, London, (29 Oct – 6 Dec 2014), Flat 15| 12Balfron Tower as part of ‘Balfron Season’, in association with Bow Arts, London (Sept 2014). Reinvention: A Mail Art Project,Nashville, TN, USA, (21 Aug – 13 Sept 2014), 190A Retelling, MART, Dublin (5 – 14 March 2014), and Exhibit ♯10 CHELSEA space Public Program, Chelsea, (London, February – March 2014) Previous other exhibitions of note include Performing Worlds, Dundee, 2012 and group exhibitions at Generator Projects,Dundee 2011 and 2012.